Terracotta female protome, found in a tomb, Macri Langoni,  525-500 BC. Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Coroplastic Studies Interest Group
Promoting the Study of Sculptural Objects Made in Clay from Antiquity

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Last update:
January 3, 2015


113th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America
Philadelphia, January 6, 2012. 2:45 pm, Session 3F

Caitlin Ellis Barrett, Clarissa Blume, Theodora Kopestonsky, co-organizers

Ann-Louise Schallin,
“Defining a Cultic Context at Mastos in the Berbati Valley Using the Setup of Mycenaean Figurines”

Melissa Vetters,
“From Passive Objects and Discard Patterns to Enacted Rituals? Contextualizing Mycenaean Terracotta Figurines -- A ‘Practice’ Approach”

Elizabeth Weistra,
“‘Coming-Out’ Performances and Rituals in the Athenaion at Francavilla Marittima, Southern Italy”

Zdravko Dimitrov,
“Terracotta Figurines from the Thracian Sanctuary of Tatul”

Stephanie Hagan,
“Two Woman-and-Child Figurines from Byzantine Tombs at Beth Shean”

Discussant: Jaimee Uhlenbrock