Terracotta female protome, found in a tomb, Macri Langoni,  525-500 BC. Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Coroplastic Studies Interest Group
Promoting the Study of Sculptural Objects Made in Clay from Antiquity

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Last update:
January 3, 2015



American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting 2011

San Francisco, CA , Saturday, November 19, 2011, 10:40 AM—12:45 PM

Secondary Context for Objects with No Known Origins
(A Workshop about the Ethics of Scholarly Research)

This workshop will consider how the field should deal with controversial issues of study, exhibition, and publication of artifacts whose origins are contested or unknown.

Rick Hauser (IIMAS International Institute for Mesopotamian Area Studies),
Christopher Tuttle, (American Center of Oriental Research), and
Christina Brody (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), presiding

Introductory Remarks and Observations in Context

Testimonials and Discussion (Some presentations are filmed)

Charles E. Jones (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University and Incoming Chair, ASOR Committee on Publications),
“ASOR’s Policy on Publication of Artifacts of Unknown Origin”

Patty Gerstenblith (DePaul University College of Law),
“The Law and Current Policy”

David I. Owen (Cornell University),
“Taking a Stand” Bezalel Porten (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), “Should We Just Rebury Unprovenanced Ostraca?”

Elizabeth C. Stone (Stony Brook University),
“Why Looting?” Christina Luke (Boston University), “The Conventions in 2011”

Giorgio Buccellati (University of California, Los Angeles),
“The Site as Book”

Zahi Hawass (formerly Minister of State for Antiquities, Arab Republic of Egypt)
“The Value of Objects”