Terracotta female protome, found in a tomb, Macri Langoni,  525-500 BC. Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Coroplastic Studies Interest Group
Promoting the Study of Sculptural Objects Made in Clay from Antiquity

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Last update:
January 3, 2015



“Figuring Out” The Figurines of the Ancient Near East

ASOR Annual Meeting 2011
Westin St. Francis Hotel
San Francisco, California
Saturday, November 19, 2011, 4:20 pm

Stephanie Langin-Hooper (Bowling Green State University), Presiding

Rüdiger Schmitt (Muenster University),
“Apotropaic Animal Figurines”

Marco Ramazzotti (Independent Scholar),
“The Mimesis of a World. The Early Bronze and Middle Bronze Clay Figurines from Ebla–Tell Mardikh (Syria)”

Doug Bailey (San Francisco State University),
“Uncertainty and Precarious Partiality: New Thinking on Figurines”

Christopher A. Tuttle (American Center of Oriental Research),
“Miniature Nabataean Coroplastic Vessels”

Erin Darby (University of Tennessee) and Michael Press (University of Arkansas),
“Composite Figurines in the Iron II Levant: A Comparative Approach”

Andrea Creel (University of California, Berkeley),
“Manipulating the Divine and Late Bronze/Iron Age 'Astarte' Plaques in the Southern Levant”