Terracotta female protome, found in a tomb, Macri Langoni,  525-500 BC. Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Coroplastic Studies Interest Group
Promoting the Study of Sculptural Objects Made in Clay from Antiquity

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Last update:
January 3, 2015


Les Carnets de l'ACoSt

This is a call for submissions for Les Carnets de l'ACoSt 18 that will appear in summer 2018.

This open access journal of the Assciation for Coroplastic Studies (ACoSt) incorporates the former ACoSt Newsletter, which will no longer be published as an independent entity, but which will be a regular feature of Les Carnets. Les Carnets will also feature longer, in-depth articles on coroplastic topics that will be subjected to anonymous peer review. The communications section should be no more than twoor three pages, not including illustrations and references, while presently there is no limit on the length of submitted articles. Submissions can be in English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish.

Les Carnets is published through revues.org, a French platform for open electronic publishing.
The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2018.

Please send submissions to Jaimee Uhlenbrock (uhlenbrj@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu). Submissions must be in a doc. or docx. format and images (hi-res tiffs or hi-res jpgs) must be submitted as individual files. Please do not send a pdf, unless it is for clarification.

References and bibliography follow the style guidelines of the American Journal of Archaeology (http://www.ajaonline.org/pdfs/AJAInstructions.pdf).