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Last update:
January 3, 2015


Searchable Bibliographic Databases for Terracottas

Halma-Ipel Database, University of Lille 3

Zenon, German Archaeological Institute

Daphne (Data in Archaeology, Prehistory and History on the Net)

Other General Resources


Association for Coroplastic Studies

List of Open Access Journals Pertaining to the Ancient World

Groupe de Recherche sur la Coroplathie Antique (GreCA)

E-Book of the Thebes (Greece) Museum


Terracotta Figurines of the Greek and Roman Eastern Mediterranean, Izmir 2007

Figurines en contexte : iconographie et fonction(s), Lille 2011 

Hellenistic and Roman Terracottas; Mediterranean Networks and Cyprus, Nicosia 2013

Neolithic Terracottas

Laia Orphanides, The Theory of Repetition

Greek Terracottas  

Terracottas at the Ure Museum, University of Reading

Wikipedia article on Greek Terracotta Figurines

Greek Terracotta Figurines with Articulated Limbs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tanagra Figurines at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Terracotta Figurines at the City University of New York, Staten island

Louvre Digital Exhibition of Tanagra Figurines

Luminescence Dating of Tanagra Figurines in the Louvre Collection

Die Typen der figürlichen Terrakotten, by Fr. Winter, 1903, full text

Review of Gloria Merker, Corinth XVIIIl, Pt. IV

Greek Terracottas at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Catalogue of the Terracottas in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum, by H. B. Walters, 1903, full text

Tanagra Figurines at the British Museum

Archaic and Hellenistic Terracottas in the Louvre Museum

Greek Terracottas from Cyrenaica, Libya

The Greek Tile Works at Corinth, by Gloria Merker, full text

Aree sepolcrali a Metaponto, Corredi ed ideologia funeraria fra VI e III secolo a.C., by Deborah Rocchietti, full text

Votive Deposits from the Chalcidian Colonies in Sicily

Tarantine Terracottas in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Terracotta Figurines from Samothrace

The Terracotta Collection of the National Archaeological Museum, Athens

Roman Terracottas

Digital Egypt

Die Typen der figürlichen Terrakotten, by Fr. Winter, 1903, full text

Roman Terracottas in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

Terracottas from Albania Terracottas from Dyrrhachion in the Archaeological Museum of Durrës
Terracottas from Etruria and Italy Beazley Archive of Etruscan and Italian Architectural Terracottas
Terracottas of the Ancient Near East

Cypriote Terracottas in the Semitic Museum, Harvard

Ashmolean Museum: Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas

Terracottas from the Ancient Near East at the Penn Museum

Terracottas of India Terracotta Figurines from Harrappa, Indus Valley, by Sharri Clark
Technical Information for Coroplastic Studies How to create a rotating image for terracotta figurines