Scream Box Plus 2018 Halloween Scary Supplies Trigger Props Decoration

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Scream Box Plus 2018 Halloween Scary Supplies Trigger Props Decoration Description

New 2018 Product Release from Haunt Hobbyist: SCREAM BOX PLUS The Scream Box PLUS is the only battery operated product that works in Complete Darkness, is Programmable, has awesome Sound quality, and plugs into an AMPLIFIER. We received so many requests from our customers for a 3.5mm jack we asked our engineer to redesign the circuit board. The Scream Box Plus works exactly like the original Scream Box except it can plug into an amplifier. Program your own Scary Sounds or use the 23 Scary Sounds already on the SCREAM BOX PLUS. WORKS ONLY WITH MP3 Sounds! The Scream Box PLUS uses a USB to Micro USB cable (included) to add your MP3 sounds. Auction also includes a 3.5mm cable and adapter to connect it to an amplifier. See 3rd picture. The picture shows what the Scream Box Plus looks like when it is hooked up to an amplifier. The amplifier is NOT included! Since you are able to program your own MP3 Sounds on the Scream Box PLUS (up to 105 seconds), you are able to match your scary sounds with your Haunt Theme or Prop. The sound quality is awesome and the internal speaker is loud. If that is not loud enough plus the Scream Box Plus into an amplifier (WARNING: LOUD NOISE HAZARD KEEP AMPLIFIER VOLUME LOW!) The Scream Box Plus has a heat sensor which works in a well lit room or in the dark The Scream Box PLUS is HEAT ACTIVATED so it can see in the dark. It is perfect for haunts and easy to setup and operate (no power outlet needed). Just copy your MP3 files to the Scream Box PLUS (up to 105 seconds) and it repeats each MP3 file out of the built in speaker each time the heat sensor is activated. The sensor can see you from 12 feet away in the dark or a well lit room. There are two modes of operation, which are changed by pressing and keeping pressed button A (until LED light blinks). Mode 1 means the Scream Box PLUS will play all MP3 sounds, one by one, each time the sensor is activated. The youtube video is ‘Scream Box Plus 2018’

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